Day 1: Happy Camp to Ferry Point Base Camp

 11 miles (Class II-III/ages 5+)

Approximate River Adventure 10:30am-5:30pm

Activities: Rafting, Kayaking, Swimming, Lunch, Swirly Pool, Clear Creek Swimming Hole, Wildlife Spotting

Shuttle time from camp: 15 minutes each way.

 Meet at base camp (Ferry Point) in the morning or arrive the night before and wake up on the shores of the Klamath! Enjoy coffee and breakfast (7:30am-9:00am) while watching the wildlife play along the mighty river. It's a quick 15-minute drive to launch at the put-in (Happy Camp). Then enjoy a scenic 11-mile journey down the beautiful river canyon back to base camp. The morning section includes plenty of action with frequent, fun class II-III rapids including Rattlesnake (III) and Devil's Toenail (III). After stopping for lunch at a beautiful beach, afternoon highlights include floating in the magical Swirly Pool and a swim in the rejuvenating waters of Clear Creek. The final stretch provides a delightful float to camp often filled with bald eagles, osprey, turtles and the occasional family of river otters. Possible evening activities include swimming, fishing, games, or just simply relaxing by the shores of the river before enjoying the nightly feast aside the roaring campfire under the magnificent summer stars.