The health and safety of our guests and employees has always been a top priority for Sunrise Rafting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are committed to implementing additional health and safety protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of all our guests and guides. The following COVID 19 health and safety protocols are in addition to all other safety procedures followed on the river, and are in compliance with state, local and CDC guidelines. Protocols are subject to change with the evolving state, local, and federal guidelines.


COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols – Before the trip

·      Pre-screening of all guests and guides for COVID symptoms

·      Guests will complete and sign the COVID Safety Pre-screening and risk assessment form

·      Required signature of the COVID Risk and Release of Liability form

·      Not participating in trip activities if experiencing COVID symptoms

·      Limiting contact with others for 14 days before the trip is highly encouraged

·      Guests will pledge that they have not been in contact with anyone testing positive of COVID 19 or exhibiting COVID symptoms in the past 14 days

·      All Sunrise Rafting employees will receive additional training on COVID safety protocols


COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols – During the river trip

·      Pre-trip safety talk at the put in will include covering COVID health and safety protocols and procedures

·      Guides and guests will practice 6ft of social distancing whenever possible

·      Guides will wear masks when within 6ft of guests

·      Guests are required to bring their own mask/face covering and hand sanitizer, and wear masks when social distancing isn’t possible

·      Rafts will carry singular families or “podded units” whenever possible

·      Rafts will not be over crowded/limited to 6 guests (if not singular pod/family)

·      No passengers will ride in the back compartment of the raft with the guide

·      All guides will carry hand sanitizer, to be used regularly

·      Guides will encourage guests to use hand sanitizer regularly


COVID Health and Safety in camp/around meals

·      Tent sites will be distanced at least 6ft apart (whenever possible)

·      All trip activities will be outside only

·      Guests are asked to wear masks when using Forest Service facilities

·      Hand wash and/or hand sanitizer will be readily available and required before and after all meal preparation by all guides and guests, before    any and all meal preparation.

·      Masks are worn by anyone preparing food

COVID Safety Protocols for Shuttles and Transportation

·      Guests will drive their own vehicles for shuttles and transportation whenever possible.

·      Any guide or guest riding in a car outside of their family/pod will be required to wear a mask, have windows open and sit as distanced as possible. (ex: no passengers in the middle seat)

·      Guides and guests will wear face coverings while being transported in vehicles


*Note- while all Sunrise Rafting employees and guests will do their best to follow the above health and safety protocols at all times, any swift water rescue procedures or immediate river safety protocols (ex: as outlined in our Safety Supplement) will take top priority in ensuring the safety of all guests and guides.